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Document Minds

Large Language Models for Complex Documents

Automate the Impossible


Change is coming

Large Language Models will transform the way we create, process, validate, analyze and consume large, complex, technical documentation.

We can help you implement the change rather than being blindsided.


Move Beyond Myths

"Computers do not understand documents"

"We missed our opportunity to add structure to those documents."

"We will never be able to get to multi-channel publishing"

"Our customers just want to read. They don't want to chat with a document"

I can show you how we can move beyond all of this!

Truly Intelligent Documents

What if you could:

  ⦿ up-convert based on the document content

  ⦿ auto-discover similar content for reuse

  ⦿ auto-discover link targets

  ⦿ enforce any corporate style standard

  ⦿ "chat with" XML and DITA documents



Document Minds was founded by

Paul Prescod

Co-author of the bestselling XML Handbook

Core contributor to Python XML Support

20 year industry veteran

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